How can an adviser create value?

The advantage for us as advisors is that it is quite simple to create significantly more value than our cost.

In summary, there are three main areas:

  1. Gather offers from multiple (and the right) buyers.  Through our preparations, you as the owner can receive bids from numerous buyers. This significantly increases the likelihood of obtaining a better offer.
  2. Present the company in its best light.  Demonstrate the full potential of the company.  Analyse and capitalise on the company’s underlying profitability.  Identify and eliminate or mitigate the risks within the company.
  3. Find the right time.  Timing is crucial for making a good deal.

Gathering offers from multiple buyers.

Different buyers value companies very differently. In companies we sell, there is often at least a 100% difference between the lowest and highest bids, and even we can't predict who will pay the most (read more here). The problem for an individual seller is that evaluating a large number of buyers requires extensive preparation. You cannot just have 20 meetings and then start answering everyone’s questions. It is a time-consuming process that would take thousands of hours. That's why we perform such extensive preparations. This allows us to engage with 20, and sometimes if necessary, over 100 potential buyers.

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Gather offers from multiple (and the right) buyers, present the company in its best light, find the right timing.

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Presenting the company at its best.

Preparing for standard questions is one thing. Actually performing analyses that showcase the company's full potential and making these seem like the most likely outcomes is something else. We specialize in these analyses and are thus very proficient at it. A lot of it involves making the future probable—not just how much you will sell, but why.

It's also important to consider the company's underlying profitability. Perhaps you have made significant investments or entered a new country. These investments or losses incurred should not decrease the value of the company—on the contrary.

The next step we take is to look at all the risks and weaknesses. One of the most important things is to highlight these early in the process. Later in the process, when you may have given exclusivity to a buyer who does not want this to come to light, the likelihood is much higher that they will lower the price.

Timing is absolutely crucial for the price. 

For example, if you have recently experienced a temporary drop in profits, it could be disastrous for valuation to sell then (read more here). It might also be that your industry is currently undervalued for various reasons. Or it could be that you won’t be compensated for the great potential that is just around the corner. In such cases, it might be wise to wait a bit.

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We don't hide behind jargon and complexity. Instead, we aim to open up the black box of M&A, illuminating the path with clear insight, simplifying the process, and delivering valuable information.