Five ways to create value before a transaction

When the time is right to exit, showcasing a business in the right way can help make it more attractive to investors and drive value.

This might mean improving documentation, presenting plans for operational efficiency, improved financials or growth, or enhancing the infrastructure of the business.

We can advise on how to highlight good corporate governance, improve the metrics discussed below or mitigate the associated risks.  


This is a very important (and usually underestimated) aspect of preparation, offering potential buyers the insight they need into a business they are looking to acquire. The more documented a business is, therefore, the easier it is to prepare for a sale.

Documentation covers different areas of the company, including financial data, as well as legal, technical, commercial, and operational information.


When preparing for a sale, a business can focus on improving financial performance by increasing revenue, reducing costs and optimizing working capital. This can enhance attractiveness to potential buyers or investors.

Again, documented and easily accessible data to illustrate this will likely be vital, especially to explain any potential normalisations to reported figures.

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Showcase your business in the best way possible to make it more attractive to investors and drive value

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Operational efficiency

A business can work to streamline processes, improve productivity and eliminate inefficiencies to enhance operational performance and profitability.

At the same time, work can be done to proactively mitigate any potential risks or liabilities, such as legal or regulatory issues, to minimise impact on the transaction process and valuation.

Growth Strategies

To drive value in a transaction, business owners can identify and pursue opportunities for organic growth, such as entering new markets, launching new products or services, or expanding customer segments.

Scalable Infrastructure

Investment in scalable infrastructure and technology can support future growth and expansion plans.

Role of an advisor 

Implementing these strategies can help a seller to maximise the value and attractiveness of a business to potential buyers or investors before entering a transaction.

We work with sellers, sometimes months or years in advance of the launch of a sale process, advising on how to prepare. Optimising the image of a business can help to drive value and we can help develop the right strategy.

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We don't hide behind jargon and complexity. Instead, we aim to open up the black box of M&A, illuminating the path with clear insight, simplifying the process, and delivering valuable information.