Clearwater International is further strengthening its presence in Denmark with the appointment of Kasper Svold Maagaard as a Partner in the Copenhagen office.

Offering both sell-side and buy-side advisory for company owners, entrepreneurs, and private equity clients, Kasper thrives on understanding and solving challenges. He truly appreciates being entrusted to handle critical, and often life-changing, processes for clients.

With nearly 15 years of corporate finance experience, Kasper has recently joined Clearwater International at an exciting time for the firm. Before his role at Clearwater, he spent five years leading the technology corporate finance team at Deloitte, in Copenhagen, as a Partner. His focus on growth and technology-enabled businesses encompasses various sectors, including IT services, SaaS, digital infrastructure, media, and technology hardware. Kasper brings a wealth of expertise, with historical collaborations with leading private equity firms such as EQT, FSN Capital, and Axcel. He has also worked closely with private owners and businesses, including Cookie Information, Xena Networks, Fuzion, Obsidian Group, and Base Life Science.


"Kasper brings nearly 15 years of corporate finance expertise with a focus on growth and technology-enabled businesses"


Of his appointment, Kasper commented:

“I have been looking forward to joining Clearwater, which I have followed closely over the years and seen evolve into the leading independent M&A adviser in Denmark. The warm reception I’ve experienced so far underscores the strong energy and sense of community within the team. I’m genuinely excited to start working with my new colleagues and engage with future clients.”

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