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Ken Williamson


I am Chairman of Clearwater in the UK, moving into this role in 2020 following 15 months as a non-exec member of the Board. As a Clearwater client, as a counterparty in a deal and now as a colleague, I have seen first-hand the way Clearwater lives through its values of being adaptable, committed and personable and I believe these will become even more important as we support our clients to tackle the challenges and also the great opportunities in front of them. My corporate finance career spans around 25 years and has provided opportunities to work both nationally and internationally, including appointments which took me from Newcastle, to Prague, to Melbourne then Manchester and London. I began my career with PwC and then joined EY and was a Partner for 17 years, where I was most active in the private equity arena and became Head of the firm’s UK and Ireland corporate finance business, representing corporate finance on EY’s Transactions Board. I have enjoyed a range of Board appointments including CFO, Chairman and M&A/Integration roles on a number of private company Boards, where investors have included Montagu, LGV, Wellspring, Endless, NorthEdge & Tosca.

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